A Ship Near Fragglerock

If Jim Hensen, of Muppets fame, started a bar that catered to the seedier side of his lovable imagination,  he would be hard pressed to create a place more apt for the job  than The Baranof.  The Great Northwest knows no shortage of dive bars but this gem in the Greenwood neighborhood turns each and every boozy cliche into high art and total theater. Some of the bartenders have been on the scene for over twenty years which says a lot about the kind of lip you can dish and service you can expect, especially when ordering a double at six am.  As with any well run operation, the shift changes are seamless and designed to fill a need:  the breakfast crowd crawls around eleven to make room for the working lunch crowd which usually hangs around a little too long before giving way to the happy hour crowd, at which point things get blurry when the Kareoke machine fires up.  And while there’s something for everyone in the Baranof’s back room (including free soup), it’s best to pick your battles and hit the scene with a particular day-part in mind lest the pours turn the minutes to hours and you find yourself  back in Fraggle Rock at six am.

This guy took his own sweet time getting to know The Baranof and its strange ways before approaching management about a t-shirt deal. And while it took a few months to get things together, today a heapin’ lot of crisp, new Baranof t-shirts sit proudly upon the tables of Nordstrom stores throughout the Northwest.  We’re hoping to jostle a few memories out of people and nudge a few more into taking a short trip to Greenwood to experience The Baranof for themselves.


Horses Cut Shop
Office of Fraggle Identification

The Baranof

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