Early Childhood Development

Horses Cut Shop Factory

 Here at Horses Cut Shop we pride ourselves on quality, a productive work environment and employing the right tool for the job. This particular tool has fingers like Fred Flinstone’s toes. While this allows me to open pickle jars like an Olympian, it unfortunately hinders my ability to craft a t-shirt into a delicate loving package for delivery. I’m also a big proponent of early childhood development and on-the-job training. Combine that with summer vacation and the plethora of tiny hands running amok in the neighborhood and you’ve got yourself a workforce that’ll work for Gummy Bears and Knock-Knock jokes. If you have a child under ten who doesn’t ask a lot of questions that you’d like to send to Horses Life Skills Camp drop us a line.


Horses Cut Shop
Department of Childhood Learning

PS  No children were yelled at unnecessarily or without reason in the shooting of this photo.