Mayr Bros. Logging

MayrGrowing up in Grays Harbor no local company defined the era of sawdust immortals quite like Mayr Bros. Logging. The red and white logo was ubiquitous and  signaled reverence of a family run business that managed its way through boom and bust, doing whatever it took to keep people employed in a town where the value of work meant everything.

As a kid the Mayr Bros. hat my dad won on the punch boards at Chuck’s Hideaway was my most prized possession. A possession made even more special by the fact that while on my pre-dawn paper route old-man Mayr, in his tattered hickory shirt and beaten Ford truck, would wave to me in acknowledgement of the hard work I was putting in, as he headed off to the hills to put in his. With over 500 employees and annual sales over $200 million dollars in the 1970s, one would never know it. The Mayrs were, above all else, workers and their dedication and ethic proudly and succinctly defined an era of Northwest greatness and gave generations of kids something to aspire to, in good times and bad.

The quest to resurrect this Mayr Bros shirt was the genesis of the Timber Revival event and it will proudly be on the table at The Polson Museum on August, 30th and on the website soon there after.

Mayr Bros