The Sunset Sound of Music


There was a time, not so long ago, when the mere act of owning a van got you laid and rock music ruled the radio.  For this Lynyard Skynyrd Lovin’ American, the studio albums of the 1960s and 70′s represent the high water mark in American music, and during that time there was no more hallowed ground on planet earth than that of Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood California. Jim Morrison,  Elton John, Led Zeppelin,Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young. In total, over two hundred Gold Albums have been recorded and mastered in this humble little studio hugging the west side of Sunset Boulevard.  It’s hard to wrap one’s head around gravity of what went down in that studio when Morrison was on his game and Diamond Dave wore a set of headphones on his crotch (see below) but the audio evidence is indisputable.  Long live rock.



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