Winter Inspiration

Let’s face it, in the idea business a steady diet of your own dog food can lead to madness. This is both literal and figurative. I’m talking about inspiration. A twice spent writer once told me it is wise to make a practice of searching for this gem outside of your own mine shaft, regardless how flush you think your plot is. Whether it be people or inanimate objects, the sweet ooze of inspiration is all at once everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  Lucky for us there were the 1970s and then some nonsense happened and alas there was the internet. At the intersection of these seemingly unrelated phenomena lies the wellspring of our inspiration here at Horses Cut Shop and we’re curating it all in a Tumblr account that’s surely monitored by some parental oversight group and fringe elements of the Church of Latter Day Saints. You’re more than welcome to take a peek and kick around a while. A soundtrack of the Thin Lizzy or Molly Hatchet is recommended for maximum viewing pleasure. And hats of to the mom in the picture above with the bucket of water at the ready. God Bless America….

Horses Cut Shop
Office of Way-Back Celebration